Using History To Create Great Jewelry Design

I often get asked by young designers where I get my jewelry ideas from. No one has ever been able to successfully analyze creativity to the level where it can be reproduced. If Picasso, for example, would give you art classes, there is a good chance that you will become a skillful artist, but in order to become a Picasso yourself, you will need to find your own path, something which is easier said than done.

That being said, there are ways to seek that initial spark that ignites the creative fire, so while is true that no exact map can be drawn, there are things you can do to increase your chances of finding inspiration.

Innovative Ways of Using Art History to Create New Designs

One of my favorite methods of re-igniting my creative fire when it is diminished is to use history. When I say using history, I don’t necessarily mean using it in the regular, let’s browse through art history books method that was taught to us. I if you just flip through the pages of art and design books, you will probably end up imitating what you find there and nothing more.

Re-living history and re-imagining it in creative ways, is something that few designers really do. When I go through art history books I enjoy focusing on a specific period and then re-imagining the designs and styles of the time in current settings. In order to do that, a designer needs to study all aspects of the period he or she are researching and not only its art. By understanding the political and cultural climate of the era, you will be able to re-imagine it to modern settings. Thinking about the Pharaohs or the Emperors of Rome in a modern day twenty first century surroundings will allow you to imagine what clothes and jewelry they would wear, what furniture they would prefer and what other preferences they will have. I assure you that great and original design ideas will follow, as there are many blank spaces that your active imagination will rush to fill up.

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Just remember that imagination will be able to easily connect the dots only if you’ve researched hard enough in order to create an outline. The history of art and design is almost infinite, brimming with ideas that are waiting to be re-discovered. If you work hard enough and do your research right then it will surely provide you with all the inspiration that you need, to create original, innovative designs that are respectful of the source material.

Doron Heifetz is a professional jeweler and the owner of several monogram necklace and popular jewelry websites.

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