‘Stunning piece by… Oh who’s Mike Perry?’

Okay, Mike Perry, not exactly a house hold name when it comes to the world of art. However, this upcoming modern day Picasso is one of those artists who only come around every so often, a diamond in the rough.
Based in the busy inner city of Brooklyn, New York, Perry is a contemporary artist that seems to have created a life around his art work. Also a qualified teacher of fine art, Perry takes a different approach in teaching his work. His free studio gallery ‘Wondering Around Wondering’ is his set for many of his lessons as well as being his own personal exhibition.
Perry uses social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to publicise his work.  Criticised by many as being to bold and brash, Perry simply replies by ‘Using social media sites allows me to stay human, interacting with people allows me to see the varied audiences who love my work. I don’t want to be a mysterious artist, I am much more than that. My audiences inspire me, and inspiration comes from the most trivial of things, every day life’.

mike perry

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bjornmeansbear/2917179228/

Perry, being an unusual artist, does not stick to using one technique. Varying in a range of techniques this is clearly seen in Perry’s work, as most collections of his work are mix media. Mix Media is a term used for a piece or collection of art that uses one or more techniques and materials, so can you imagine how busy Perry’s collections are.  Perry also uses techniques such as water colour, photography, illustration, language/typography, printing sculpture and zine. His work gives off a ‘free impression’ of his personality, showing that he doesn’t take his work too seriously – he mainly does it out of enjoyment and fulfilment.
In late 2011/ early 2012, Perry began working with furniture companies that wanted to incorporate his work into their furniture. For a rather low key artist, Perry took this massive opportunity with a light hearted feel and created bold illustrated designs with a minimalistic feel to them. Some of the designs are comic based whilst others are basic shapes, using a vary of different designs the ‘Furniture Project’ (as named on Perry’s Tumblr blog) is one of the most successful milestones in Perry’s career, now putting him on the map as a contemporary artist. Quoting from his Tumblr account, ‘I guess I’m kicking it with the kids now’, was his opinion of the project.
It is safe to say that Mike Perry is an upcoming icon, the question is, are one of his pieces sitting in your kitchen?

This blog article was written by Mila Johanssen on behalf of www.eamesdsw.com.

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