Simple Mind Games That Will Help You Get Creative

As a jeweler and a designer, I need to come up with new creative ideas almost on a daily basis. While I consider all creative jobs to be fulfilling and enjoyable, the constant need to come up with new ideas may prove to be very difficult, especially if you need to do this over a long period of time and on a daily basis.

During the years, I’ve developed a few simple mind games that help me when I get creatively stuck. As they almost always work for me, I thought I will share them, in the hope that they will be useful to others.

Random Design Ideas

To those of you that firmly believe in divine inspiration and the power of the muse, this may sound like sacrilege, but here’s a little game that I play when I can’t think of any new design.

The idea is based on the fact that we are surrounded by designed objects, each with its own unique shape, practical usage and history.

I close my eyes for several moments and when I open them again I focus on the first object that they focus on. It may be a chair, a table or a stapler, whatever I see first will be the key to my new design idea.

The next stage is to study the object randomly selected. You can take some time to sketch it and learn its basic shapes. Study the particular design that was used to create this object. Is it hand made, or industrial?

This always gives me what I need, ideas and elements for my own piece of jewelry.

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Historical Design with a Twist

Another trick that I enjoy using, it taking a famous figure from history and trying to come up with an appropriate design, assuming it lived in out time. If Napoleon would be alive today, what would he be likely to do? I think he would probably be an important figure in the business world. The next stage is research period jewelry and design, do some online research about his habits and preferences. My favorite part is imagining what he would wear today and what jewelry he would choose. I can see him wearing a suit which slightly echoes the famous uniform, looking at the board of directors with firm determination in his eyes. A compete set of jewelry pops into my imagination right away.

These are mind games that work for me and tickle my creativity, you can create similar mind games of your own that will be suitable to virtually any creative field and will also help you to have fun as you work, imagine and create.

Doron Heifetz is a creative jeweler and the owner of the popular My Monogram Necklace popular jewelry website.

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