How Much Do You Care About Art?

It sometimes seems rather strange to think about the different abilities, thoughts and approaches that human beings appear to possess. Why is it that we are all so different?

Some people excel when it comes to mathematics and the sciences. Others find such subjects impossible to understand, but are amazingly creative. It is, of course, true that many other people are exceptional when it comes to sports and other physical disciplines.

In general terms, it can be seen that being good at something may cause you to take even more of an interest in that particular area of life. It may also be suggested that this increased level of interest will also have an additional impact, ensuring that you become even better at the range of tasks being considered.

Are you a skilled artist?

But does it also follow that those who do not appear to possess particular skills will forever be destined to find that it’s absolutely impossible to enjoy a particular hobby, or area of life?

Although this may seem like a rather logical explanation, I also find that it’s one that is certainly lacking. It simply does not appear to be true.

There are many people who are not particular proficient when it comes to an individual sport, for example, but are still able to take an interest in the performance of professional athletes. Indeed, they may even become involved in some aspects of that sport.

So what does this tell us about the separation between being good at something and being able to stand back and enjoy the talents of others? I think that it’s incredibly revealing and also demonstrates that those of us who don’t have great artistic talents needn’t despair. There’s still the opportunity for use to enjoy works of art that are produced by others.

Visiting a gallery

In part, this helps to explain why it is that many art galleries attract thousands of visitors each year. We are drawn to see artworks that are created by skilled individuals. We like to feel that we are close to that incredibly talented individual and to enjoy the creativity that is being presented to us.

Does this mean, however, that it’s necessary to visit an art gallery in order to enjoy particular paintings or sculptures? I certainly don’t believe that this needs to be the case and I can think of many other situations in life when it’s possible to take enjoyment from such artworks.

It may be the case that you use paintings within your own home, or view sculptures that have been commissioned by public organisations. Such public works of art hint at a continuing tradition of art being produced in order that it can be enjoyed by the masses. It would certainly be a shame if such a tradition were to be lost.

But how much notice do you take of such opportunities. We live in a world where we are constantly being presented with various images. Ultimately, however, we can take little from these experiences, unless we actively engage with works of art.

The next time that you see a picture hanging on the wall of an office, a corridor, or within a public building, stop and take note. You may find that doing so reveals something about the piece and about your own view of life.

Keith Barrett writes about a range of topics. He enjoys looking at art for sale and is always tempted to make new purchases. He believes that it’s possible for us all to enjoy artworks.

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