Films from the South Festival

On the 4th October, for ten days the Films from the South festival opens in a celebration of world cinema. Established in 1991, FFS is a film festival based in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and is a celebration of films and filmmakers from Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

In its 22nd year it has become an important part of Oslo’s cultural calendar with not only screenings but seminars and talks with the directors and producers, and seeks to broaden the knowledge in the west of the political and cultural inspirations behind the southern hemisphere’s burgeoning film industries.

Here are some highlights of what’s on:

11 Flowers

Set in 1975 during Maoist China and revolution, it follows eleven year old boy Wang Han as he goes about his daily life in his small factory town. One day he is asked to lead a martial arts class, for which his mother makes him a new shirt, which strangely leads him to a murderer.

13 Assassins

From acclaimed Japanese director, Takeshi Mikke, 13 Assassins bears the hallmarks of the legendary director’s work with blood, violence, and taboos, but with spectacularly and beautifully choreographed battle scenes, one of which is an amazing 45 minutes in length.

The Bear

The Bear is an Iranian melodrama of a martyr returning home to Iran after years as a prisoner of war. He is suffering memory loss and his wife has since divorced him and remarried. Her new husband is violent, and at the long lost return she regains hope for her future, but her husband becomes jealous and increasingly unstable.

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The Good Life

Dreaming of more meaning to their lives, we follow four strangers over the course of three days through their fantasies, highs and lows. Mario dreams of playing in the philharmonic orchestra but plays in a police band; public health worker tries encourage people to use contraception, but doesn’t notice that her daughter is pregnant; forty-something beautician Edmundo lives with his mother and can’t take control of his life; and a bank employee struggles to share her feeling with the object of her desire.

In Another Country

Three women who are the product of a film student’s imagination, one by one visit Mohang in South Korea. A successful, film director, a recent divorcee and an unfaithful housewife all come to the seaside town for the same reason – love, adventure, and the unexpected.

You can see the full film listing here.

The festival is one of the cultural highlights of the year, and every year it shows around 100 films in venues all over the city.

Over the ten days more than 20,000 visitors and film buffs will be filling up every hostel, B&B, and hotel in Oslo to see some exciting and diverse filmmaking talent that deserves a place on the world stage.

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