Ever Wondered How To Take Perfect Panoramic Shots?

How to take the perfect panorama shot

When you see a great panoramic picture you can’t help but get a sense of the view the photographer must have had when they took the picture. Not only is this type of photography a great form of photo art, but they have become a valuable tool in real estate and internet websites that advertise adventure tours.

Today’s technology makes panoramic shots easier

In the past panoramic photography done with film cameras required either considerable talent and patience or extremely expensive motor driven tripods to move the camera for perfect overlapping exposure of the scene to create the pictures. Now there are better digital cameras that have panoramic options in the menu, or one can take the pictures with a standard SLR camera and then adapt the pictures into a panoramic scene using computer software.

A few helpful hints to getting a better scene

Even with the advance technology available to create 360 visual tours, the pictures still require the photographer to pay careful attention of how they shoot the scene.  You must have at least a basic understanding of how to use the camera to make the scene. Just a few handy tips will help you create a better picture:

  • Overlap your shots from right to left moving at about 15% to 30% progression across the scene as each picture is taken. This will help prevent white gaps in the scene and help prevent unintended effects.
  • Photograph with a level hand, unless you are striving to create a larger scene (such as a canyon). If you are going for depth scan the entire scene in small increments to get the entire scene for the software to apply toward the completed panoramic view.
  • Check the scene for movement such as passing vehicles, wildlife or objects blowing across the scene. These movements will appear as blurs that may ruin the completed panoramic view.

Creating virtual tours for you business

If you are creating virtual tours for your real estate site or vacation business, you will want to take many, many shots of the homes features or the vacation site. Then you will need to use a software program that can create a seamless view that a person using a mouse can scan and manipulate to see the entire scene and get a good view of your offerings.

Panoramic photography was once a challenging process that required a lot of equipment and considerable talent and skill. With today’s digital cameras with panoramic abilities and computer software programs it is a lot easier to create an amazing scene.

This post was written by David Lee a 360 visual tour and photography expert who recommends panaround.co.uk for more information

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