Animated Easter Bunnies You Say??

Easter’s not too far away, meaning that it’s worth thinking about what some of the best eCards are out there for the season. What are some of the main categories for these cards, from animated bunnies through to more traditional designs? What are the best cards to send to different people, and what other eCards are available for non Easter celebrations? In general, eCards provide opportunities for experimenting with animation and personalised designs, while also enabling you to save money on postage costs, and can make a great way to contact people during Easter.

Traditional vs. Modern

When choosing your Easter eCard, you can decide between more traditional cards that use traditional themes and religious imagery, or you can go for more contemporary cards that make use of cartoons and modern designs. Traditional cards can be themed around Easter Sunday and other religious dates, or may include retro designs or paintings of Springtime. Contemporary cards, by comparison, may use photographs and cartoons of bunnies, chocolate eggs, and scenes of present opening.

Animated Cards

Perhaps the best use of for eCards, animation allows you to send a card that combines a message with a fun animation. These cards usually feature a simple animation, such as rabbits dancing or bunnies and chicks filling up baskets with eggs, and are set to music. The interactive appeal of these cards make them a great gift, while also setting them apart from paper cards. After all, who doesn’t like dancing bunnies?

Humorous Easter Cards

There are a lot of opportunities to try out jokes within Easter eCards – these jokes might range from simple puns through to visual gags – some popular examples include dogs and cats dressed up as Easter bunnies, or spoofs of pop culture. Hallmark recently launched a Bunny Knows Best card series that riffs off the TV series Father Knows Best. Other eCards use animation that put an adult skew on the season, with ‘Easter Bunnies from Hell’ being particularly popular.

For Kids

Sending an Easter themed eCard to children is particularly recommended if you want to surprise them with fun animations and personal messages, as well as the chance to play games and interact with their cards. Alongside some real chocolate eggs, of course. Popular Easter games that can be included with eCards include Slingshot Egg Toss, as well as personal messages that include the message ‘Happy Easter to one of the nicest kids anybunny ever knew!’

Other Easter Celebrations

Sending an eCard at Easter time doesn’t necessarily mean having to pick religious themes, bunnies, chicks, or chocolate eggs. You might just want to send a card that ties into the season, which can be themed around the seasons. Alternatively, you may want to keep the design of a card simple, and focus on creating a long message. ECards are also available for different religious celebrations held in April, which includes Jewish Passover. In either case, it’s worth investigating high quality eCards that offer you the chance to personalise messages and boost appeal through animation and music.

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